About Us

The Bakers Oven Creamery & Catering was started in 2014 after its owner and Executive Chef Tonya Davis expanded her focus of her event coordinating & production company (Coordinates Event Design) to the culinary side of this vastly competitive arena of full service catering in the San Diego market.  Chef Tonya hails from Chicago, Illinois and desired foods from home that are not readily found in San Diego, where she relocated to in 2001.  Pulling from the recipes of the loving women in her family, Tonya put her trust in God and stepped out in faith and the outcome is The Bakers Oven Creamery & Catering.  Pulling from her roots of Good Soul Food, Tonya’s style is a healthy version of down-home cooking  that is simply "good".  Presentation and good customer service makes for a great dining experience. Tonya and her  talented team meet that goal daily.  They are the key ingredients for a perfect recipe.  

A few words about us

Every dish is prepared with love and in honor of the Matriarch's of her family who left an everlasting imprint on her heart to cook from her soul.  It is her memories of watching her Mama Sandra McLin, her Grandma, Adelia (Moozie) Baker and Lena (Aunt Bill) Stamps, baking and cooking for their families, and the stories she overheard by these women how the eldest sister, Mabel (Aunt Mimi) Hastings (pic above) was the best cook of the family and created many satisfying meals that made you come back for more.  All three sisters hailed from Nashville, Tennessee and relocated to Chicago as teens bringing with them their southern style cuisine. This is why Tonya loves what she does in the kitchen, it's her sanctuary. So with passion and joy of baking and cooking, in memory of her loved-ones, THE LEGACY CONTINUES…